Municipalité de Saint-Sulpice


Population 3 369
L’Assomption County

The name Saint-Sulpice dates from the early days of the colonization of New France. In 1640, the territory was granted to the Associés de Montréal, then ceded in 1664 to the Messieurs de Saint-Sulpice de Montréal. In 1715, Saint-Sulpice possessed the only flourmill in the region Moulin du Père Gour). Wind-powered, it milled the grain for the local inhabitants and those of Le Portage (now L’Assomption). Around 1832, and for many years, the fishermen of Saint-Sulpice used to set out their catch in the mornings and sell fish at L’Assomption each Friday. Still today, agriculture, especially market gardening and dairy farming, represents an important part of the Saint-Sulpice economy. On Île Ronde, one of the islands of Saint-Sulpice, there is a magnificent vineyard and gîte (B&B) called La Seigneurie de l’Île Ronde. You can also take a river cruise with commentary provided.

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Municipalité de Saint-Sulpice

Saint-Sulpice, QC

Municipalité de Saint-Sulpice
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