Municipalité de Lanoraie


Population 4 554
D’Autray County

Two renowned authors, Honoré Beaugrand and Louis-Joseph Doucet, are natives of this village ; like Lavaltrie, it is situated alongside the river. Here you’ll find one of the few ecological reserves in Québec that is accessible to visitors! The Lanoraie peat bog delta bears witness to our natural history. In 1850, the village saw the arrival of the railroad ; five years later, shipbuilding began to take off in the area, making Lanoraie an important rail and shipping terminus for the region’s forestry industry. Today, Lanoraie still preserves its rural character, as well as its urban heart beside the river. You can visit some fine vineyards along the way.

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Municipalité de Lanoraie
57, rue Laroche
Lanoraie, QC
J0K 1E0


Municipalité de Lanoraie
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