Municipalité de Saint-Jacques


Population 4,069
Montcalm County

This village was founded by Acadians who came to Québec in 1755 following their expulsion from Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. Saint-Jacques is the heart of New Acadia, a centre of Acadian settlement in Lanaudière. Visit the church and enjoy the gardens, farms and many sugar shacks in the area. In summer, don’t miss the chance to pick your own strawberries or to attend the gastronomic event, Les Fêtes gourmandes de Lanaudière! Another interesting stop is the innovative pig farm, Cochon cent façons, where you can learn about a different approach to sustainable pork production.
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Municipalité de Saint-Jacques
16, rue Maréchal
Saint-Jacques, QC
J0K 2R0


Municipalité de Saint-Jacques
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