Municipalité de Saint-Charles-Borromée


Population 13,204
Joliette County

A farming village for very many years, Saint-Charles-Borromeé is today mainly residential. Pay a visit to the Antoine-Lacombe house, a cultural centre classified as an historical monument, and stroll through or pause for a while in its magnificent, inspiring gardens. Stop awhile at the Saint-Jean-Bosco park, site of many events, notably the Festival Mémoire et Racines. In summer at the park there’s a beach and in winter there are slides to enjoy. If you love steak, try the Restaurant La Chaumière Bifteck… un-missable!

Contact details
Municipalité de Saint-Charles-Borromée
370, rue de la Visitation
Saint-Charles-Borromée, QC
J6E 4P3


Municipalité de Saint-Charles-Borromée
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