Municipalité de Saint-Cléophas-de-Brandon


Population 279
D’Autray County

In the Bayonne River valley, in the heart of a landscape dotted with hills and plains, sits the village of Saint-Cléophas-de-Brandon. Visit and discover a charming main street that is typical of Québec. In 1888, the first travellers and visitors began coming by train from Montréal, arriving initially at Saint-Gabriel-de- Brandon. Later, Saint-Cléophas-de- Brandon built a hut that originally served as the train station. It was only in 1915 that the new, more spacious station was constructed. Thirty years later, the train service came to an end.

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Municipalité de Saint-Cléophas-de-Brandon

Saint-Cléophas-de-Brandon, QC


Municipalité de Saint-Cléophas-de-Brandon
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